State Officers Benevolent Association
An Independent Fraternal Organization Supporting Union Democracy


    The State Officers Benevolent Association of New Jersey, Incorporated (SOBA) was initially conceived as a viable option to right the wrongs then ongoing under the repressive and totalitarian regime of the inaugural interim self appointed embattled executives of the njsca.  We had planned to pursue a showing of interest election under Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) rules to represent all Garden State Corrections and Law Enforcement Officers.  With internal attack from the New Jersey State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police coupled with external attack from SOBA, the illegitimate executives of the njsca could not 'weather the storm' and soon crumbled under the intense pressure, in the process bringing to light the criminal activity currently under investigation by the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office.

    With fair nominations, elections, and ultimately installations of the NJSCA/FOP Lodge 200 taking place - the initial reasons resulting in SOBA's birth were exceeded; hence, the primary cause for existence was no longer necessary.

    Because the concept of SOBA is an awesome untapped resource, we have elected to keep the association in tact and dedicate its new cause as an independent fraternal organization supporting union democracy.

    What exactly does this mean?  It means we will continue to be a watchdog of Officer's rights and interests and possibly enter into the foray as a political action organization in support of those goals.

    It does not mean we are pursuing any representation election for collective negotiations nor does it mean we support any organization to affiliate or disaffiliate with any other organization.  There may be issues arising in the future on one side of the fence which we agree or disagree then on the next issue we may agree with the opposite on the other side of the fence.  In any case, SOBA will not issue blanket endorsements of any organization whatsoever and will judge each affecting issue as it arises and stand on the side of the Officer's rights and best interests regardless of any other opposition or support.